Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day....

As I was laying in bed last night I was thinking about being a Mother. When I think about it, I am just that, a Mother. I am so lucky to have my full time "job" be doing what I love most. As I thought about all of the women I know who have struggled to become mother's, those who have still not been able to feel the joy that Motherhood brings, I thought of how lucky I am! In the blogger world there are many different titles and names given for each thing you may be talking about. There are AP's for Adoptive Parent and TTC for trying to conceive, CTT for carrying to term, and many more. I realized I have fit many different "titles" in my motherhood. I am a Mom, first and foremost, but I am a biological mother, an adoptive mother, a foster mother, a mother who has carried to term, and a mommy of 2 angels. My children run the gamut of about all there is to offer! Who would have ever thought that I would have this life, who would have ever thought that I could be so blessed. To know that love. The love of all of my children. I know that life has brought me to this place and helped me to appreciate everything I have been given. Two days ago I was able to spend the afternoon with my "foster" son. The baby I believed was going to be mine not long ago. God had different plans for him than I did. And even though at the time I didn't understand them, I do now. There couldn't be a better place on this Earth for him. We are so happy that we can still be a part of his life. I am so lucky that I not only get to watch him grow, but that I consider his mother a dear friend and Anna feels the same way about his sister!
This year on Mother's Day I hope all of the Mothers out there are able to enjoy a little time with the ones they love. For those who aren't able to hold their children, who visit the cemetery instead, I pray they are brought a little peace on this day. As for me I will do both. As I write this I have a dramatically calling 5 year old who "needs me" and a spunky little 3 year old who came down just to give me a kiss, I will take them with me to visit their sibling's headstones. What a blessed life.

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