Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mommy needs a favor...

This month marks 5 years that Wyatt has been home with us. This is the first year that he really grasped the idea of adoption. He has asked more questions and gotten more honest answers than ever before. The thought of baby D going back to family has brought many fears and ideas he has never dealt with before. As hard as it has been it has also been a wonderful opportunity to explain that adoption is forever.
Last night at skyline we were talking to the waiter about Baby D. He asked if he was adopted to which we answered no- he is in foster care. Wyatt sat straight up and proudly announced "I am adopted". This is the first time I have ever heard him declare this to someone. He has always known, but never been able to express his fears or his pride about it before now. He has asked about his foster home, his belly mommy and many more questions. 
Me being pregnant with Sammi has brought forth a lot of questions as well. He knows I carried him in my heart, but seeing me carry Sammi in my belly makes that more real. 
There are very few things we know about his past. I know when he came to us he did not have anything special - like a blanket or stuffed animal. Apparently when he came into care he had a stuffed bear his foster mom threw away because of it's filth. This makes my heart hurt- wishing he had something small to tie him to his past. We gave him a stuffed puppy the day we met him and he snuggles that and his blanket "kiki" from grandma to this day, but he often asks about before we knew him and what he snuggled. 
So finally- on to the point of this post. A few years ago I was able to get Wy's hospital pictures. He looks at himself every night and talks about how cute he was and how he loved his blanket when he was a baby. I have searched for this fabric and have never found it. I imagine it was made by the hospital (UC) volunteers and given to his mother. 
For all of you crafters who frequent fabric stores could you please keep an eye for anything resembling this pattern? I can't think of a better way to celebrate 5 years of being a forever family than to find a little piece of his past.
Thanks so much ....



  1. Sarah,

    One of my website's followers saw this blog post and thought that maybe my website could help find Wyatt's fabric. She sent me an email and, well, I agree with her. Wyatt's fabric is now in the #1 spot on and will remain there in the #1 spot till at least the middle of the month. Hopefully one of the viewers will be able to connect you with this fabric. Good luck and God Bless!

    1. That is amazing~ Thank you! A friend of mine who is a graphic designer was able to make an almost exact print and I was able to have it made at fabric on demand! It came yesterday and we are on our way to a new blanket!