Friday, June 24, 2016

Adoption day eve ...

Six years ago tonight we were waiting for a dream to come true.

We had finally gotten to the incredible day when Wyatt would officially be ours forever. 
This crazy toddler who waddled his way into our hearts. With his deep little voice and beautiful brown eyes.
To look back at the uncertainty in his eyes is a gift.
It is a reminder of how far he has come. How much he has overcome. He no longer has this look.  He no longer has this fear. For years now he has had a twinkle in his eye that has taken it's place. 
So full of spirit and mischief. 
He feels secure and happy. He has known for a long time he is home. He knows about his life in foster care, but only what I have told him. He knows about his belly mommy, but only what I have told him.
His past is part of who he is. It is part of his story. It is important to him. 

Parenting him has taught us so much.
He has opened our eyes and our hearts and kept us on our toes.
As he gets older and more comfortable with himself it is so cool to see him shine. 
He is smart and funny and puts out endless effort. He is my snuggle buddy.
He is caring and ornery and has a smile who would win anyone over.
 He is my best boy and an incredible brother to both of his sisters.
I am so excited to see the little man he becomes. 

Six years since he became a forever part of our family.

Such an amazing gift from God. 

Happy Adoption Day Super Wy.