Monday, June 29, 2015

Brutus Doo- Proud SAAP Pup

A few years ago I would have never imagined we would adopt a puppy. I thought I had an idea of who "this kind of dog" was going to be. The stigma of a pound puppy, a stray, a rescue. The mistreated or malnourished dogs with misunderstood faces on the Sarah McLaughlin commercials! 
My assumption was that these dogs were jaded. They would bite and have issues. I assumed this because I didn't know about programs like SAAP. 

Yesterday we adopted a pup from the Stray Animal Adoption Program. I found his picture on their facebook page and we filled out an application.
For the last month his foster mom has sent pictures and updates to us.
The communication we have received from the program coordinator and his foster mom have been amazing.
Every step of this process has been made easy and positive. 
From the second we met him he had our hearts.
We were all worried to get another dog after losing our beloved Bubba.
We now know Bubba sent Brutus to us. 

You can tell by his demeanor and his ease in fitting in that he was not only cared for, but loved completely by his fosters. 

He is sweet and snuggily and always at my feet. If we had to pick a name based on his personality it would definitely be shadow:) 

He came to us neutered,microchipped and up to date on shots.
Happy, healthy and loved. He has settled seamlessly into our family. 

We are now a proud SAAP family! 

Anyone who is thinking about getting a dog- young or old, please consider adopting through Stray Animal Adoption Program.

Every thought I ever had on adopting a stray has been completely crushed by this loving organization. If only the human foster care system was ran with this much love and concern for safety and happiness ! 

Thank you SAAP for all you do! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

We became forever

It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be 5 years since Wyatt was officially a Caito. 
Since this 2 year old little boy became a permanent part of our family. 
None of us can even remember life before he was a part of it. He came into our lives and he has kept us on our toes and smiling since we met him. He is old enough now to understand adoption. He understands 
He knows that Caito means forever. That he is with us forever and that we will love him no matter what forever and for always. 
As I look back on this day 5 years ago it is surreal. The seamless series of events that brought Wy into our lives were one of the strongest feelings of God's presence in our lives I have ever felt. 
Every moment since this day has been met with a thankful heart, because we know how lucky we are to have each other. As he grows and learns about himself, his heritage and who he wants to become I pray we can help him find the answers he needs. 
For now he is so proud of his "dark tan" skin and his curly hair. He loves to look at his baby pictures and understands that his belly mommy carried him and that is where his beautiful eyes came from. He doesn't question his physical differences, he embraces them.
In the past 5 years he has made some amazing strides. He has tested our patience and filled our hearts. He can make us laugh and make anyone feel better when they are hurt or sad. 
He has the biggest heart and we call him the baby whisperer because Sam is enamoured by him. He sings to her, reads to her and just talking to her cams her down.
He still sneaks into our bed because he doesn't like to be alone.
He can drive his sister crazy at times, but mostly is one of her closest friends. He will do anything to spend time with her and always goes out of his way to make her happy.  I tell him he will make an excellent husband someday:) 
This year he is ready for his gotcha day- he has been reminding me for weeks and we had to get a cookie pie to share with his friends. Tonight as we snuggled in bed he told me he thinks dad should get him pancakes with candles like we do for birthdays because this is kind of like a birthday.
It is the day he became forever- I said that is almost perfect, except it is the day that WE became forever. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father's Day for Daddy

The best Daddy any child could dream of

A fun, kind and happy Daddy who always has time for his kids. 
A Daddy who leads by example and works hard everyday for our family
A daddy who has his little girl wrapped around his finger

And has found a buddy and troublemaking partner in his son.

A Daddy who will always stop to snuggle 
A Daddy who loves completely 

A Daddy who will teach the things he knows and continue to learn from his kids
A Daddy who has whole heartedly helped to Father the fatherless

A Daddy who is a better man than he knew he could be. 
The man who has helped to make my dreams come true
The daddy who continues to make us happy and proud everyday.

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy anyone could ask for

I posted the above last year - as I thought about many of the things I wanted to say about the incredible daddy my kids are so blessed to have I realized this already said most of them. We are lucky 
We have a man in our lives who works hard every day to give us an amazing life. 
Over the past year we have had so many changes saying goodbye to meech -

And saying hello to Sam -
We are so lucky to have a daddy who continues to take each change in stride.
Who takes time to spend with all of his babies. 

A daddy who makes each of us a priority everyday.
When I was little I always hoped I would find a husband who was as a good of a father as the one God gave me. 
I am so blessed and happy to say that I did.
I have found someone who loves me and goes along with my hair brained ideas.
Someone who is funny and caring and is showing our son what it means to be a real man.
A daddy who makes us feel safe when we are scared. 
Someone who treats our girls like gold and sets an example for how a lady should be treated. 
This Father's Day I want to say thank you again for being the best daddy our kids could ever ask for.