Monday, May 23, 2011

God has another little angel...

A few months ago a friend of mine asked me if I could contact a friend of hers. They had just had their ultrasound and their diagnosis. Their son had Encephalocele. This is a neural tube defect, similar to Anencephaly where the skull does not close completely. The baby's brain usually forms on the outside in a sac. Sometimes this can be a liveable condition. There is a much higher chance of survival for days, hours, months, even years with Encephalocele than there is with Anencephaly. Still, their doctor told them about inducing, about how their child would die and that they could have the baby then. They knew right away that they would carry their son as long as they could. Last night, little Korbin was born. He lived for one hour before he went to be with God. It is amazing how this little man's brief life brings such a rush of emotions to me. It is about impossible not to put myself back into her shoes, the shoes I stood in two years ago. As I think of his mother leaving the hospital it makes me so sad. Knowing the pain of leaving in that stupid wheelchair, empty arms, broken hearted, wondering where to go from here. Planning funerals, burying your baby. I know what is ahead for her, maybe that is why it breaks my heart a little each time I think of her. I understand how it will feel when her sister has her baby shortly after Korbin. I know how it feels to watch that child grow and wonder how it would be to see them play with your child who has passed away. I know she will survive and I am pretty sure she will be a different person than she was two days ago. Certain things in life change you. Having a child changes you forever, losing a child changes you even more. As I reflect back on the past two years I think back to the times it hurt the most. Due dates, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. Otherwise happy events in the life before death. I pray she and her family find a little peace today and in the days that follow. I know Korbin has already found a couple of friends to play with and that he is well cared for in the hands of God. It is those who he has left on Earth that have to heal. I know that the little girl God sent before Korbin will be the greatest part of their healing. A reason to wake each morning and a reason to smile. Please send a little prayer up for the Soldano Family today. For Peace and for Strength and for a few good memories that last forever.


  1. Oh how awful. I will be praying for this family tonight, and I'm so glad you let me know of another little saint.

  2. Sending a prayer for them. I am glad to hear that they chose to carry him as long as they could. I'm sure they treasured that time with him.

  3. Saying a prayer for them. Thank you for sharing Korbin's story.