Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Snuggle conversation

Tonight Wy and I were snuggling in my bed before bedtime. We had read his book and talked about what he wants for lunch. I thought he was starting to drift off to sleep when he asked me a question. 

Mom, how did I get home when I was a baby?

I was caught off guard at the question and not sure about what answer he was looking for. I asked him what he meant and he said like we brought Sammi home. I told him that his belly mommy took him home with her and took care of him. He then asked if if he could meet her again. I gave an honest answer that I am not sure where she is now. I told him  that God knew he belonged with us and his belly mommy helped make that happen. 
He asked about Mrs. Moore, his foster mom, and said did she adopt me? I told him no, only his forever family adopted him. He talked about when we came to get him and how he was looking out the window with pup pup and how we went to skyline for our first meal together. About getting his first sippy cup of juice and if he went to the pantry. The stories I have told him many times. He talked about wanting to go see his foster home again.  I told him I would be happy to take him back there soon. He has been once since he left and we still keep in touch with his foster family. He asked me how I found him. How far away he was from us.  He asked if he had brothers. I responded yes, foster brothers, but I can't remember their names. The thing he said next struck me- it is the first time he has ever said anything about his time before us. 
He said when he lived there he played with a dump truck in the wash room. This is a word I have never used. That no one  I can think of uses, so I wonder if this is a memory. Is this something he has always remembered or did it just come back? 
I promised him I will always answer everything I can for him and explain everything as best as I know. I told him for the ten thousandth time how much I loved him and how thankful I am that God brought him to us.
 He then went on taking about eating lunch in the classroom and how much fun he would have tomorrow. 
I am so thankful that he asks these questions and that we have told him the parts of his story that are good for him to know. The truth is his life and his story started long before our paths crossed. The insightful and sensitive little boy he has become began long before he called me mommy. I pray that I can continue to help him find answers and discover all of who he is. That we can continue to tell him stories of him as a baby. One snuggle conversation at a time... 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Who Dey Nation

Last week we found out Anna would have the opportunity to be a part of the Cincinnati Bengals practice. She was chosen as part of the Cincinnati Children's Champions program. This experience is only given to 4 children a year.
Not only was Anna able to attend, but she got to bring mom,dad, Sam, Wy, Grandma and Papa. 
We were able to sit on the field and watch practice and Coach Lewis came to introduce himself and talk to us.
At the end of practice Wy and Anna were taken into the middle of the huddle by coach and Anna counted them down to a "break"!
After she was given a football and they all signed it! We were able to talk to the players and Daddy gave AJ Hawk a good ole "OH" and AJ replied with an "IO". Wy  told him that he wasn't as big as his Frank. I then explained that we told Wy the bengals would be even bigger than his favorite football player/cousin- Frank. Wy was apparently not impressed by their size. He was impressed with all of the fist bumps and handshakes he got.
We were all amazed at how friendly the entire team was and how awesome they were to our kids. 
T.J. Said one of his favorite parts was seeing Andy Dalton look over and smile at our kids during practice.
They were all happy to take time to make Anna and all of us feel so special. A once in a lifetime experience is putting it lightly! Anna sat and watched the practice and Wy ran on the sidelines. As always their personalities complimented each other and they helped to find a comfort level within one another. 
Anna was nervous and didn't want to wear the camera, so Wy wore a go pro and recorded the whole thing! He really stepped up and we are so happy he did! We are also happy the go pro survived Wy! 
Anna's story and our experience will air on the big screen at the game on October 4. We were also given 4 tickets for our family for the game with field passes!
The kids loved being on the field and Dad and papa loved it even more! 
I can't say enough about the CCHMC staff and the Bengals' staff that spent the day with us. They were amazing and made the experience that much better. 
We have always been Bengals fans, but this definitely took it to another level!
Looking forward to the game and so thankful for the opportunities we have been given. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Just mama

Some nights it seems 
You need me more than others 
When you wake and cry out
Needing more than just a binky
Needing the touch 
The snuggle of mama
If only every bad thing 
That ever comes your way
Could be eased with a touch
Soothed with you simply in my arms
Some nights it is once 
Some nights it is ten times
I feel blessed 
Each time I hear you 
I am thankful
Each time I run in to check on you
As I hold you
As I feel the weight of your tired body 
I know what a gift you are
I realize that these moments
will not last forever 
I am grateful for this time 
When mama is all you need 
You have time to grow 
Someday you will need so much more 
But, for now I am so happy
To be the one thing you want
The one thing you need  
Just mama 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

One of Ohio's finest....officially:)

A few months ago Anna was able to donate a truckload of items to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. We were so excited to watch her not only meet, but exceed her goals.  She was in the paper and on the news! Such a big deal for this little girl who really just wanted to help the kids in the hospital! 
In case you missed this part of the story, here is the link to her Challenge Story.

We hadn't thought much about this until last week when a large envelope came for Anna in the mail.  It was an award from the Ohio House of Representatives. 

As I read through the wording I had tears in my eyes ...

I knew right away that although it would mean a lot to her, it would mean more to receive it at school.  I called Mr. Conners and he was so wonderful to not only allow me to pick a day and time, but he also orchestrated the entire thing.  
This morning, in front of the entire 4th grade, she received her award.
  She had no idea why they were in the multi purpose room and was completely surprised! Mr. Conners gave a wonderful speech and brought Anna up to receive her award. 

We are all so proud of our Peanut!

 Daddy, Grandma and Papa, Sissy and Miss Emily were there to be a part of it and document this experience for her too. 

So thankful for my little philanthropist and that she was recognized for her hard work! 

I can't even begin to describe the range of emotions I am feeling this weekend, as it is the anniversary of my brother's death, from the very disease that loomed over Anna as she was in the hospital.  I know her angels were looking out for her and the doctors who saved her life.

If you want to look back on Anna's Story ...  here is the link.  So incredibly thankful and so very blessed!!