Friday, May 27, 2011

The fantastic Seven

As I am sitting here with my mind rolling, so excited for Disney I could jump up and down. I can't help but to think about where we have come from to get to this point of celebration. This brings me to my official "blog thought" for tonight. Aidric. Dillon. justin. Ace. This boy has had a few names in the past two years. Aidric is the official one. his mom and I recently talked about Disney world while our girls danced ballet in front of us. She told me about a hotel near Disney that has handicap accessible pools and everything available for a family like theirs. I wish I could find a way to help them get there!! I am not sure if I have talked about Aidric's family before, but now I am inclined to do so.
When you see his parents they look like nice normal, young people. But, they are so much more than that! His parents are quite a few years younger than T.J. and I. They have chosen a life like no one else I have ever met and they embrace every second of it. I have yet to tell one person about them without hearing, I could never do that. Yet, they do that! They have 5 children all 3 and under. Three of them are adopted and 2 are waiting for finalization. (fingers crossed on one).

To start to tell their story I will start of with Elijah. When he was born he was deprived of oxygen for too long. His birth mother knew that she could not care for him. When Elijah was just an infant his parents stepped in to care for him. He has most every need I have been aware of, a trach, a g-tube, a wheel chair, he has seizures, he is non verbal, he is immobile, yet if you hear his parents talk about him, see his parents care for him, watch how he is able to live life, you would not know. He has been taken from a life where he probably would have sat in a group home and he was the first child of a couple in their early twenties. A couple who chose this child to love. Elijah is now 3 years old. This is longer than they ever told his parents he would live. Every time he opens his eyes, arches his back or moves a little further out of his chair it is a moment that they weren't promised. He has not only opened my heart, but he has shown my children that all kids are the same. He is just Elijah to them, chair and all!

Next I will talk about Kimora. I could go on forever about her. She is smart, sweet, kind, funny, and she always calls me "Sarah Caito". "Sarah Caito, am I coming to your house". I love to hear her sweet voice. In the past 2 years she has become one of Anna's closest friends. How God has brought our families together still amazes me. Kimora is 3 like her brother. She is a beautiful little girl and a joy to be around. Her birth familiy had many problems and she went into foster care at the age of 14 months....with her parents. Her adoption was finalized shortly after we met her and we couldn't be happier for her. She is thriving in a wonderful home and I am so excited to see who she turns out to be.

Now onto Aidric, the whole reason why we even know about this wonderful family! Aidric was our foster son. We brought him home from the NICU, gave him his first bath, we were his first family. When we found out about the extent of his medical needs we were heartbroken. We knew we would not be the best place for him and I literally handed him up to God and prayed he knew what was best for him. I can honestly say this prayer was answered completely . The first time I met his parents I felt it. The first time his mom held him and looked into his eyes I knew it. He is where he was meant to be all along. It just so happened when he was originally placed his family couldn't have taken him. I think that was all a part of the plan. He was officially adopted last fall and he continues to amaze me. He has even stumped his kidney doctors with his kidney function. He is doing so well and is a smart little man. He is a momma's boy as well, which is so neat to see his bond with his mother. Even better, I still get to be a part of his life! Anna is and Wyatt as well. This little extended family we have created is more than I would have ever imagined our relationship could have been.

Gideon is next. I am pretty sure there has never been a sweeter baby. He has many significant needs as his older brother. A feeding tube, numerous corrective surgeries and Pierre Robin syndrome. He is thriving as well though. He just turned 1 in March and he is crawling, babbling, smiling and is so snuggliy. His future is still up in the air. I keep praying the God and the powers that be realize that he is in the best place that he could be and his adoption comes quickly.

The newest addition to the family is Manny. The spitfire! He is almost 3 and his story is a long one. He was born with multiple defects. This included heart defects that were fixed by two heart surgeries. His dad told me he spent 16 months in a hospital strapped to a bed because he could not move in fear of his heart. He is also deaf, has a feeding tube and a few other things. He is a beautiful little boy. Sweet and active, scared out of his mind of dogs! He has played and interacted with everyone from the moment we met him. There was a long process for him to become a part of his family. Many other families wanted him. But, in the end he is where he too belongs! His adoption will be finalized in October.

So, that makes the fantastic 7. A family made up of different races, colors, creeds, needs and nothing is ever seen but love. I have learned so much about love from this family and each of these children. I am so happy that my kids will grow up learning this love as well. I hear so many negative things about foster care and Domestic adoption. This is a story that should inspire. This is a story worth sharing. This is only a small part of it. Maybe someday I can talk them into writing a book. I know I would read it in a heartbeat!

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