Friday, December 19, 2014


Wednesday we were given 72 hours notice that Meech would be leaving at 8:30 a.m. on Friday. Last night we had our friends and family over to say goodbye. We have prepared ourselves and our kids for this awful process. We packed his bag. 
Put him to bed for the last time.
Kissed him goodnight for the last time. 
We woke up early- woke our kids and Meech up early to have time together. 
We hugged and cried. 
Took pictures -
 and then waited.
Watched out the window....
15 minutes after pickup time. 
Emailed our contact list....
25 minutes after pickup time. 
Emailed again...
35 minutes after pickup time. 
We received an email from his case worker stating
 "I don't have your number at my  home so I had to wait until I got to work to contact you. I had an personal emergency that I had to take care of so I will contact you after the hearing."

We have had this child for almost a year! You have no way of contacting us to tell us you are once again screwing with us and screwing with our children!!? An email 45 minutes after you were supposed to be here. After I contacted you twice! Not caring if we had plans, appointments or our lives to get on with! 
Unacceptable - I still can't believe we put up with what we do. 
If we didn't love this little man so much there is no way we would. 
So for now we wait. 
We wait to see what happens with court. 
We have our hearts and minds turned upside down because the HC caseworker really doesn't care. 
Thankful to have a few more hours with Meech and adding more to the long letter I am sending to the head of HCJFS when this is all over. 
****Adding a little update to this post. At 2:30 we got a phone call from Meech's GAL. Court was over. The magistrate ended it an hour early. An hour before the scheduled end time. Lawyers had two more people scheduled to testify. The magistrate said she had somewhere to be and ended it anyway. Now court will resume on January 5. So not only were we told that he was leaving, but his Aunt was told he was coming home tonight. The caseworker lied to both families. Caused both families emotional turmoil. We had said our goodbyes. Filled our house with tears last night from those who love him. Packed him- had his flipping shoes and coat on! Now as happy as we are to have him here- this may all happen again in another 2 weeks.  Where is the best interest of the child when you treat him like an object? So he should have a visit on Christmas with his Aunt and another the following week. Besides that he is ours for a few more weeks. On January 5 the magistrate will hear testimony and I imagine decide if he goes to live with his Aunt or continue the case again. 
Until that point we will enjoy every minute with closely guarded hearts and low expectations. 
Thank you for the continued prayers and support. 


  1. This is heartbreaking to me. What an emotional roller coaster for you and the CHILDREN!! This is unacceptable. Really, really unacceptable and traumatic. :(
    -Tiffany Berting

  2. Children do nothing to be taken from their families. Children do nothing to cause themselves harm, but to the people in charge of their lives, future, and happiness, they are a name on a piece of paper.