Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Challenge from Anna

When Anna was in Cincinnati Children's hospital one of the things that made her smile was the Child Life volunteers. They came to her side while she was getting her IV, when she had trouble taking her medicine and to check on her. Her favorite thing was going to the child life room and playing and doing crafts. Before she was allowed in the room they brought games to her room. When we got home she decided she wanted to buy games for the hospital. When we played clue there were cards missing and she decided we could help replace those games. So she is challenging all of those who have followed her story to buy a game for Children's Hospital. We will collect all of the games and she will make the delivery. She was so thankful for the care she received and the fun she had in child life that she wants to give back. Her goal is 100 games. Please help her to reach this by sending a new game our way to donate. If you would like to ship it directly to us that is great or we can pick them up from you! If you have any questions you can contact me at
Grandma and papa helped us start the collection- you are next! 
And if you don't know about her stay at the hospital here is her story-

Thank you in advance for all support prayers and love! 

***** update- 4-21-15********
The outpouring of support has been amazing! We have received 94 games as of today! Anna is still working hard and collecting! We will continue to collect donations through May 15. When I spoke with Jane at CCHMC she said they are always in need of I Tunes gift cards for apps on the iPad's as well, so we are adding those to the list of things to collect. With the okay from the donor of a cash donation we now have 9 gift cards added to our 94 games! Anna is so excited and appreciative of each person who has helped her with her challenge. We live in a pretty great community! 

***********update 5-15-15************
The outpouring of support has been incredible!!! Anna and her challenge have taken over our dining room!
After a tear jerking donation from Papa's friend of 50 games we are over 200 games to donate! This doesn't even include all of the toys, puzzles and art sets we have received as well!
She has also collected $250 in iTunes gift cards! We have spoken to Jane at Cincinnati Children's and we are loading up Papa's truck next Wednesday May 20 for our delivery. Anna is so excited to drop them off. 
Thank you again for helping her not only reach, but double her goal!! 
I will update with more pictures after our delivery!! 

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