Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Love can't wait

I have known Nicole my entire life.
We went to school together from kindergarten to college.
We babysat together, we laid out in 65 degree weather together, we sang John Denver and danced to baby got back together.
She is one of my oldest and dearest friends. I say all of this because I am proud of our relationship. I am proud to be her friend.
 When she met her other half and fell in love I was so happy for her. Not every person finds their soulmate. Not every person is lucky enough to find true love. Nicole found this. I was honored to be present at their wedding. I have been able to watch them welcome a son, suffer a devastating loss and welcome another son- all as a family. They are the most compassionate and caring family you could ever hope to meet. But, because of laws that are outdated they have had to fight for simple liberties other couples are given. 
I do not consider myself a political person. If I had to choose a "party" I would probably fall more on the conservative side. But, when it comes to love I fall on the side of family. 

This family has two incredible little boys with two loving parents. But, because this family has a mommy and a mama, they have spent months fighting for equality. They have spent countless hours working towards what most of us take for granted.

This family had to fight to have both names on a birth certificate and when the day comes to be listed as a spouse on a death certificate. They shouldn't have to travel across the country to be married or to finalize an adoption for children who have only ever been both of their sons. Today is a big day in this fight. Their family is in Washington D.C. And their case is being heard by the Supreme Court. Hoping that this case can be the case that ends inequality. That this can be the case that our children look back on and thank God they don't have to worry about such archaic ideas. That this family's example of love can show us all that just as love does not see color, love does does not see gender either. 
Love is Love.
 A family is a family. 
Love can't wait.


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