Sunday, May 3, 2015

No dog for you-

After we lost Bubba I wasn't sure we would want another dog. As much as we miss him we just can't imagine our house without one. So I started on the journey of looking into Rescues for our next fur baby. I contacted two places early last week. Tonight I finally heard back from the one and I am dumbfounded!!! Just received an email from an animal rescue denying our application for a dog because of our kids!! Along with a link as to why we should wait!
 The email reads as follows:
  "We appreciate your application for Finnegan but we are going to pass.  A 3 month old child will be taking up a LOT of all your time, energy :-)
This article sums up a lot of reasons why we prefer older children.   " 

Are they for real!!?? 

This link included things such as - 

Wait Until You're Ready-parent must realize that they will be the primary caretaker of the dog

. Wait Until They Are Old Enough- Kids should generally be at least five years old

.Wait Until You Can Afford It-You will be paying for spay/neuter most likely (if dog isn’t already when adopted), so be sure you’re aware the costs 

Are you kidding me!?? 

My response was as follows:) 

"As an animal rescue I find this absolutely ridiculous. We are licensed foster parents and are able to care for other children besides our own, yet you deny a family because of children to own a pet!? We have already been approved by another rescue and matched with a dog in the time it took you to reply anyway. As a parent I am capable of knowing when a pet is a good decision for my family. This is ludicrous and I will be making this known. I can't even imagine the number of families you turn down if you want the kids to be 5 years old! Ridiculousness - "

This rescue, Wags and Whiskers Rescues, is apparently not worried about placing animals with loving families. They didn't contact our references. Didn't ask us a single question, yet denied us because of an infant in our house!

Who would have thought rescuing a dog would be so difficult!! I am all about animals and I love dogs, but come on! You attempt to help an animal and go through a rescue to be treated like this in such a condescending manner. We could go to a pet store and have a dog in an hour! 

Fortunately, in waiting for a response from this rescue I found out about Stray Animal Adoption Program.  I am so happy that we have found another rescue to bring our new animal home through. SAAP has been great to work with so far.  We have a friend who volunteers with them and email correspondence has been polite and efficient. We are hoping to adopt one of a litter who is about 3 weeks old now. We will see what happens and hope to have a new pup in our lives in about 8 weeks. 

As for Wags to Whiskers - poor Finnegan missed out on a darn good family! 

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