Friday, April 3, 2015

Belly Mommy-

I know you think of him
his gorgeous eyes
his soft skin
the smell of him
I know you remember 
how he felt in your arms
the weight of his body
the warmth of his touch
You carried him for 9 months
you gave your body up
you chose his life
You were not selfish 
When it came to him
With every bad choice 
You may have made
I will always see the good 
I do not know you
I have never met you
But I remain forever 
You brought him into this world
You gave him life
I know you are thinking of him 
So I pray for you
Wherever you might be
I pray for peace
I pray you always know
That he is loved 
That he is cherished 
That he is home
I know your heart aches 
As you relive the moments
Waiting for him to arrive 
I know you think of him daily 
And especially on his birthday
I pray you know 
That he is safe 
That he is happy 
That he is right where he belongs
And that you have blessed us
Beyond compare

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