Monday, April 6, 2015

Super Wy is 7

It's hard to believe Wy turned 7 on Saturday. It seems like yesterday that he was the big eyed baby toddling through our house. Now he is big and strong and a beautiful little boy inside and out.
He has grown up so much this year. Not only in size, but as a person. He is smart and funny, outgoing and ornery. He is the first to offer his help and always proud of his accomplishments. He is the best brother any girl could ask for. He is patient with Anna and will do anything to make her happy. This includes playing "american dolls" and crazy 8's to her heart's content.
He is amazing with Sam. He holds her, wipes her spit, smiles and talks to her.
He never hesitates to console her when she cries or help me when I ask. He really loves his sisters and you can see that they feel the same way about him. 
It has been a hard year for Wy with a lot of changes. He started school all day, Meechie came and then left, Sammi was born and then Anna was in the hospital. He has tried his hardest to cope with each of these things and we have tried our best to help him.
We are still learning how to be the best mom and dad we can be for him. He makes us better people. 
He has really enjoyed first grade and is doing wonderful now that he has the help he needs.

His support team is looking out for him and making sure he succeeds. He loves Art class and recess and has made a lot of new friends. At home he loves to laugh and play, drink apple juice and to "read" his bible.
He asks about Heaven and Emma and Connor often. He loves to talk! He always tells you "what's in his head" and he will ask 100 questions from our house to school always starting with "what If I was...".  He knows lyrics to all of his favorite songs and can sing Eric Church with daddy.
He likes Star Wars and metal cars the best. He still doesn't like to be alone and will always make an effort to be near someone.
He is such a compassionate kid. We are so very blessed to be his mom and dad. Looking forward to seeing who this guy grows up to be.
 Happy birthday best buddy- we love you super wy. 

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