Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mama's got to brag on Super Wy ...

I have to brag a bit;) look at this face- 

This is a face filled with pride! He is confident and happy and so incredibly proud of himself. This was his prize for 20 consecutive days of good behavior. 20 days on "green" in a row- 1 yellow and you started over. He did it! 
I am so blessed to be his mom everyday, but days like this deserve special recognition. 
Those who know Wy know his struggles. He has worked so hard to learn to read and he never gives up. He has struggled in school from the beginning and now happily he has all of the pieces in place to get the help he needs to be his best self. 
Sure, he still needs reminders (and more reminders), he still gets in trouble, but he is working hard on being the best little man he can be. So much of this stems from his "team" this year at school. 
I sent a letter to his teacher and intervention aide last week. I thought I would share it here because not only am I proud of Wy, but he is so proud of himself. 
Sometimes you just gotta brag a little;) 

"Tina and Caitlyn,
I am typing this out and sending it to you instead of an email, because I feel you deserve more than an email! I know neither of you knew Wyatt before August. I know that even though I shared his background and a little of who he is, it can only paint a small picture of the amazing little man he is today. 
This past year has been a very big struggle for Wy. He came into second grade after having a very difficult year with many personal struggles. He was in a place where he never wanted to be alone. He struggled going to sleep and was always worried about what was next. He was acting out and I wasn't sure what I could do to help make his life better, because the things that were stressing him were out of my control. Meechie's leaving still plays a daily part in his life, bubba (our dog) being gone is a struggle as well and Anna's hospital stay still bothers him. All of the changes last year have loomed over him and weighed heavy on his mind. 
In the past month I have noticed there is a huge difference in him. I am absolutely certain it is because of the two of you. 
Wyatt is no longer focused on what is next or what could go wrong. He is no longer worried. He comes home each day happy and smiling. He sings and whistles all of the time. When I ask him if he is happy he doesn't hesitate to say yes. He is confident. He is proud of himself. He is sure of his place in your classroom. He tells me everyday how much he loves school. 
For the first time, in the 6 years he has been with us, he goes to his room and plays by himself. He is not afraid to be alone. He is happy to do his own thing. I believe his confidence and attitude are a direct reflection of the two of you. 
I am always trying to help make life a little easier for Wy. I know that God placed him with the two of you knowing what care, love and concern you would give him. This is just a little "thank you" to you from his mom. Letting you know that how you treat your students makes their life so much better! Thank you for helping to instill the confidence and self worth that my buddy needed, when he needed it most!! 

Lots of love and admiration,
Sarah Caito "

             Wy and Mrs. "Miscalea"

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