Thursday, October 8, 2015

Filling fifty stockings... We need your help!!

Earlier this week Anna, Wy, Sam and I took a van load of stuff to Cincinnati Children's Hospital.
We took new costumes, clothes and toys. When we talked about what we wanted to donate the kids decided that the kids in the hospital may not have costumes and would want one to wear at the hospital. 
After we left we started talking about what we could do next. We thought about what a child who has to spend Christmas in the hospital may be missing. Wy said they probably miss their Christmas tree and from there Anna said what about a stocking? So our idea was born with that. 
                Filling fifty stockings. 

We are unable to donate anything edible, so we are going to stick with small toys, play doh, word searches, fun pens and markers. When I spoke with Miss Jane at CCHMC she said the best thing to donate would be gift cards. Something new that we learned is that we can get gift cards to the hospital gift shop! So not only will the kids get a gift card, but they Can go shopping themselves! 
Our goal is a big one- hoping to fill our 50 stockings with $10 gift cards each- so we need to raise $500! If you are at the hospital and would like to purchase a gift card that is great! If you would like to donate money we will purchase them with our final amount and split it 50 ways!  Our family will be taking care of the 50 stockings and we are hoping a few classes at school could help and collect pencils, markers, word searches, soduku books, pocket puzzle books and small stuffed animals. If you could help by purchasing just a few things we would appreciate this so much! 

We know we just asked for help in May, but what a great reason to get your heart ready for the Christmas Season!

 We will plan on making our delivery in early December. We would like all donations by December 5.  Please let us know if you would like to be a part of helping make Christmas a little brighter for the inpatient kids at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. 

****************update 11-12-15***********
We are on our way! Thanks to Grandma and Papa Cox we have 50 stockings! We have also received 50 cans of play dough from the Willetts, a box of toys from the Hetzels and our first gift cards from the Williams family! We have purchased small prizes and books for each stocking and have door hangers to donate as well! We have Anna's 4th grade class making cards to put in each stocking! 
We still need you! We are in need of gift cards for the gift shop at CCHMC. Please help if you can!! 

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