Monday, October 5, 2015

A letter to Cincinnati Children's Hospital...

Dear Cincinnati Children's, 
Sometimes when a hospital is so large and sees so many patients, you may not realize how special you make them feel. Not only did you have an employee who recognized my child's illness on her own time, but she took the steps to get her proper care. This woman went above and beyond. Not because it was her job, because she cared.

When we were in the ER awaiting results, each person we came into contact with went out of their way to make my daughter comfortable, to explain things to her father and I. To make her smile. Not because it was their job, but because they cared. When we were put in our room and then rushed to surgery each person we came into contact with made those horrifying moments smoothly progress. They spoke to our daughter and to ourselves in a way we could understand without causing more fear. We were greeted beforehand by surgeons in the waiting area of the OR and kept informed during her surgery. When we sat in the waiting room scared for our child's life we were met with concern from employees. All of these things were not part of a job, it was because these people cared.
After her surgery was complete, we were met by two world renowned surgeons. They of course updated us on the procedure, but also on how our baby was and what we could expect. They answered a nervous moms crazy questions and hugged me without a second thought. Not because this was part of their job, but because they cared. As my daughter recovered and we spent a week in the hospital, each nurse, each nurses aide, each child life specialist. Each doctor, each fellow, each department we came into contact with. Every single person who we crossed paths with made this time more than tolerable. They made sure that my child was not just a patient, not just a room number, not just a surgery- she was Anna. Not because this was their job, but because they cared. With each follow up appointment, with each phone call from a frantic mother, with each question and concern, we were given kindness and treated with care. Not once did I ever feel like a nuisance or a pain, even though I may have been. We were helped through recovery with the kid gloves we needed. Not because it was their job, but because they cared. 
To the staff that cared for our daughter, she may have been just a patient, but the important part is, she never felt that way. We never felt to be "just anything". The Cincinnati Children's staff not only saved my daughters life, but they brought comfort and love to our family when we were in a very scary place. Not because it was their job, but because they cared. 
As she has made a full recovery and been given amazing opportunities through the hospital, we continue to see this care.
Through the Champions program, through the donations we have been able to give and the experiences Anna has been able to be a part of now.
There aren't many things in life where you can say you are completely happy with, but for us Cincinnati Children's Hospital would be it.
We are so lucky to live in a city with a hospital like this, a hospital that saves lives and makes individuals feel like individuals. Thank you CCHMC for doing things the way you do, not because it is your job, but because you care. 

Anna's mom 

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