Sunday, May 31, 2015


We never met
We never spoke
We never had any interaction
But somehow 
You have sent my heart 
Into a solemn state
You have sent my mind 
Wondering and sad
I had high hopes
I had expectations
I knew you could be better
I knew you could be what he needed
I often said bad choices 
Do not make bad people 
And I still believe you were good
I still believe you had love in your heart 
And you had love for him
My heart aches for those
Who love you
Who long for you
Who miss you
I may have never met you
But I have loved a part of you
Because of this 
I will pray for you
Pray for your family 
And hope that God knows 
You as the child you once were 
And you are waiting by the gates 
Looking over your sons 

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