Monday, May 4, 2015

Normal Mom

I shouldn't have to say it
But I am not a normal mom
I am not average in love
I am not average in loss
I will over react 
I will freak out
I will spoil my kids
I will hold my baby constantly
And if I put her down
Pick her up when she cries
Let her sleep in my room 
Only nap when she wants 
Remind my bigs to be safe
Hug and kiss them 
Every chance I get
I will spend everyday 
Over analyzing each fear
Appreciating each moment
I will not apologize 
I wear some awful shoes 
The shoes that walk between 
the graves of two children
Buried a year a part
I will not even attempt to explain it
I will not worry about what others 
Might think Or say
Truth is my only concerns
Are the safety and happiness 
Of those who are happy 
With having a mom who is not 

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