Monday, May 18, 2015

Little pink ruffles

This little pink ruffle outfit may look like any other pink ruffle outfit. But, it isn't. This is the one outfit I bought months before Sam was born.
I was at TJ Maxx with my dear friend Adrianne and Meech. I saw it, on clearance of course, and put it in the cart. As any baby loss mom knows buying things for your baby is hard. Even if you want to believe they will someday wear it, history has been written different for other babies. This little pink outfit was my way of telling myself that it was going to be okay- my baby would be okay. This little pink outfit was only $3, but the significance of me purchasing it was worth so much more. 
Can't believe she is already big enough to fill out this perfect pink outfit. My perfect girl. God is good. 

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