Thursday, April 3, 2014

Six years ago...

Tonight 6 years ago there was a woman heading to a hospital.

 After spending months incarcerated while pregnant, she had been out for a few months and on her own in her pregnancy.  

I imagine she was scared. I imagine she wasn't sure what would happen. 

Having lost her other 4 children to the foster care system I imagine that fear was merited. 

This woman had demons. 
She had fought with herself and struggled through life. 

I want to believe that she had different plans for the child she was carrying when she walked through the doors of the hospital that night. 

I choose to believe that she wanted what was best for this child. 

As this little bundle of joy came Into the world 6 years ago tomorrow I know he changed this woman.
 As she struggled with her demons and addictions over the following months she loved him enough to sign her rights over and make him eligible for adoption. 

That is where we come in.

 That is where God stepped in and brought us together. 

We are the blessed parents who get To raise this amazing little man. This sweet and sassy (yes boys can be sassy) wonderful little boy. 

In so many ways our rainbow boy- who turned our world upside down in such a great way. He is funny, sweet, happy and still keeps me on my toes. He is wise beyond his years and is doing a wonderful job learning in kindergarten too. He is an amazing brother and a wonderful friend. He is compassionate and loves with his whole heart. He still chooses apple juice over anything else and loves to snuggle. 

Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself where he has been- 
where he has come from-
where he could be. 

There is no doubt in my mind that God was watching over him through the scary parts of his life that he has survived and that He continues to watch over him now.

 Our Super Wy will be 6 years old when he wakes up... 

Happy birthday to our best buddy. 

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