Sunday, April 13, 2014

Connor five years later

Five years ago tomorrow 
Connor left this world
As he came into it

Each moment with him in my arms 
Was more than I realized 
It could be
Each time his name is spoken 
Brings me back 
I try and remember 
the creases in his legs
The smell of his skin
The length of his toes
For five years I have wondered 
On any given day 
At any given minute

Who he would be ?

How would he look
Blonde hair or brown
Would he have kept his blue eyes
Would he be rough and tumble 
Or a quiet snuggler

Signed up for kindergarten 
Sliding down the tube slide
Learning to ride his bike
Writing his name 
Running wild

Little things that will never be
For this little boy 
That never got the chance 
To be five years old 
Or four
Or three
Or two 
Or one

Our little boy who is loved so much 
Five years tomorrow 
Sometimes it seems like an eternity 
Sometimes it feels like yesterday
So thankful for the gift of our sweet boy
So blessed to have carried him 
So lucky for all he has taught me
So proud to be his mom.


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