Friday, March 28, 2014

My shoes

I need to remember 
That my shoes 
Are the new ones
The ones that carry the weight 
While carrying the love
That have the questions
But hold the answer
I know how he sleeps
I know how he smiles
I am here with him  
In her eyes I may be the enemy
I may be their nightmare
I may not be doing things 
The way she wants them done
In these shoes 
I call the shots 
While she waits
I dress him and bathe him
I cuddle and console him
I know where he is
I know how he is 
It is so hard within this 
System to look outside of yourself
Knowing that in the shoes 
I wear 
I am the lucky one
No matter what has happened 
Whatever choices have been made
The shoes she walks in 
Are much harder to wear...

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