Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All we need to know for now...

Four weeks ago today we welcomed an amazing little man into our family.
He has been happy and smiley since he was carried through the door.
Baby D has become such an important part of our lives.
He has helped Anna and Wy to be big kids and a little more independent. He has helped me reevaluate my time  and remember what it is like with a baby in the house.
He has given out so many hugs and snuggles in the past 4 weeks and has made everyone he comes into contact with smile.
He has an ability to make people melt with his long eyelashes and mouth full of teeth.
He has an infectious little personality and some awesome dance moves.
He came into our family and somehow just made a pretty amazing life even better.
We do not know where his case will go. More than likely in mid May he will go to live with an Aunt. As much as we would love for him to be a part of our family we understand that we are not in control.
We  have faith that God is watching out for him. So at least for the next 10 weeks he will be a little spoiled by his siblings and  a lot spoiled by his mama.
He will play airplane and football with his Dada. He will be read Good night moon before bed and he will be snuggled and rocked when he wakes at night. He will eat well and play all day.
He will be loved unconditionally and treated like gold. He will be a part of a family and a community that loves him.  
Because none of us know how long we have together on this Earth- but that does not make us love any less.
Baby D will feel that love - and that is all we need to know for now. 

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