Saturday, February 1, 2014

4 days

Well we are now 4 days into this new little life. It has been pretty amazing. D has settled in so seamlessly it feels like he has been here for much longer. The kids have taken to him and in doing so have grown up so much! They are helpful and attentive to both the baby and to me! Anna feeds him and plays with him and reads to him at night. Wyatt has not only shared and played but loves when I have to tell the baby no. Watching D react and tell me no back is his favorite. Wy's eyes get huge and he waits to see what I say;) I remind him that babies do not understand like big kids like him.
 It has also given me a chance to take more time with them individually. Making me more aware of my time. D has met so many new people and has smiled and greeted them all. He eats like a champ and has been sleeping great. The past two nights he woke up around 10, but after a snuggle and a back pay went back to bed quickly and slept until 7:45. Yesterday he had his first visit at the Children's foster care clinic. This was the first time I have been there and it was awesome. The staff was wonderful,the facility was clean and welcoming and the experience was great. D may not agree since he had 2 shots and a blood draw!    The nurses and doctor were pleased to see how fast he settled when I held him. Such a reassuring feeling for D and I.  
He stayed with "Daddy" for a few hours last night and the tossed a football and danced- well "daddy" reports he was the Dj and D danced. Overall it is amazing that we had this baby walk into our lives a few days ago and things have remained mostly the same- throw in a few stinky diapers!
This morning we have played and snuggled. As each of the big kids woke up and came down he babbled his version of their names. He is already picking up on signs I have showed him and has adapted right into our routine. We are so happy to have him here. As the hours pass I find myself happy the phone hasn't rang to tell us he is Leaving more and more. His worker comes for the 7 day visit on Monday- maybe we will know more then.
As for today we know we have an adorable baby to be with us. 
He has attached to each of us. 
We are pretty sure he had never seen a dog before Tuesday- and he is really starting to "like" Bubba.
And we have realized we have no clue what to do with ethnic hair! 
Heading to the beauty school today to get some braids- fingers crossed! 
Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers- please keep them coming. 

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