Saturday, March 1, 2014


About 6 months ago when I was working on the levy committee I met a woman who spoke at an event for us. Her son was a high school student and the day she spoke- he was diagnosed with cancer. Since meeting her and hearing about her son they have been in my prayers. Her son, Robert, keeps a caring bridge page and updates his health and life daily. I have read his updates and followed on his journey- which has left me feeling like I know him.

Sometimes God works in the best ways to remind you that He is watching. 

This week when I took Baby D to the beauty school to get his braids done. We went early in the morning and we were the only "clients" there. So as I snuggled him and held him while they braided his hair most of the girls came up to us. They asked about foster care- and couldn't believe that I wasn't "his real mama the way that I treated him" that was "loving him like my own". It was a good experience for me to sit in a room of girls who have probably more likely been on the opposite side of foster care. As we sat and talked one of them left the room and came back with a book. She said it had been given to her for her children and she wanted to give it to D. I thanked her and told her that it would stay with him . Whether that would be forever with us or if he moves with his aunt. I turned the book over and i saw a name on it -
I really couldn't believe my eyes. This is the name of the kid whose cancer journey I have followed. On the front there were initials. I knew if I could find out his middle name I would know. 
Last night I attended an event and I saw his mother walk in. The first thing I asked her was if Roberts middle initial was M- and it was. I then told her the story and she asked if the book was yellow. I had my husband send pictures of the book- and she knew it had been his. They had donated it years ago and somehow it came back around through a few complete strangers and ended up with D.  She said they always crossed the kids names off before they donated and this was still there. This was such an Incredible "coincidence" that we know God had his hand in it. Something that gave us both goosebumps. Seems fitting that two boys who spend so much time in my prayers would share their first bible.

"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."

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