Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I talked to my mom this morning and hate to hear her voice so sad. Last night their screened in patio caved in from the weight of the snow and rain. No one was hurt, but everything is destroyed.
Their furniture, pictures, lamps, rugs, toys, grill and so much more.
As I spoke with mom she kept trying to tell me (and herself) that it is just "stuff", but the truth is it is so much more.
That patio is the most used room of their home.
It is a part of our family.
Every baby has toddled through it, including Mikey.
Every birthday party has been held in it.
Every Easter egg hunt has started from it.
A prom dinner for 20 and their dates
Or a place to sit and relax.
It may physically hold just "stuff", but it holds so many memories.
Not only have we grown up in this room- 
But those we have loved and lost were here as well. 
We have watched our children grow up in this room.
And there is no place they would rather be.
t makes me want to cry to think about losing it, so I can't imagine how mom and dad feel.
In life there are few places that can bring you such joy- the patio at mom's house brings that for all of us.
We have celebrated on this patio and cried on this patio.
We have probably spent more collective hours here than anywhere else.
Dad would sit in the summer rain and watch baseball with the tv so loud to be heard over the rain on the roof.
Mom sat in here for hours after her surgeries as we swam.
This is where we grew up-
This is where our friends grew up. 
So when mom wonders why she is so upset over "stuff" I tried to remind her that it is so much more than "stuff" - it is their life. 
Their memories. 
Their home. 
Sending so many hugs and prayers for a fast fix and rebuild so they can get back their favorite spot. 

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