Saturday, February 8, 2014

5 a.m.

woke before you
Lying here 
debating checking 
As if God knew 
A peaceful nights sleep
For a brave little man
A mama more than happy 
To comfort you
And do all I can
One little whimper
And I will be there
Holding you close
Rocking you 
Loving you 
Showing you care
Knowing full well
What it is to feel grief and
understanding for now
God Wants you here
So I sit and I Rock you
With my arms so full of love 
Knowing I have the strength 
Because of my babies above
I have carried my baby before
Knowing full well 
He would return 
This time we know 
We can love and can learn
So with my arms 
and my heart
So full 
So content
I know it is worth it
His plan is Heaven Sent

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