Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Peanut...

Today our little Peanut is 8 years old.
 She is so excited to be 8. Such a big deal it is:) 
Each year I like to try and write a little something about her, to remind myself as she grows how much she has changed. 
This year she has not only grown as a wonderful little human being but she has finally grown in size. 
She is so smart and wise beyond her years.
She is an amazing sister and has better patience with her brothers than I could ever even ask of her.
She is a kind person who genuinely cares about other people.
She is compassionate and giving and she is very funny (especially if you ask her).
She is proud of her family.
She is proud to have her brothers and of how we have become a family.
She has a special gift for helping everyone feel welcome and loved.
She is an amazing friend, cousin and daughter.
She loves to listen to music, to sing, to dance and to draw.
She is blessed with her fathers artistic talent, but unfortunately carries a tune like her mother.
As I think back and remember how much she has grown and changed over the years, I  know one thing is for sure.
She came into this world a happy, smiley, sweet little girl and she has remained that little ray of hope in our lives.
I have no doubts that this little one will change the world someday. 
The best Valentine's gift we could ever be given- this little one who made all of my dreams come true and made me a mom.
Happy 8th birthday Peanut Pie! 

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