Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baby D

Well in the words of Anna - Holy balls of Fire what a day!
After the past few weeks of letting go of waiting impatiently for a placement, stopping the online searches, not staring at my phone waiting for it to ring...it happened. 
If there was ever a situation where I have actually- literally- physically- figuratively- Let go and Let God ...
this is it.
Because of the cold the kids were off school. Mom , Sis, Corey and Syd came over to play and eat lunch.
Then my phone rang at 12:30. There was a possible placement on a 1 year old little boy. Not a legal risk case - like we were hoping for, but everything else was perfect. For those of you who ever attempt to call me - I never answer my phone! I never hear it. 
So the fact that I had my phone and answered - 
The fact that we trust where God is leading us on this path -
I asked our agency to submit us. 
Luckily after our first call a few months ago Tj and I had discussed this and if the situation was right we would submit before I called him. Minutes can make the difference in these cases. 
So I left him a voicemail and sent him a text. 
I sat with my mom and sister and attempted to eat lunch. 
I texted and talked with a fellow foster and adoptive mom who knows the ropes so well she could write a book on them.
Within an hour the agency called back- the placement was ours! 
I was so shocked, anxious, scared, excited!! I texted poor Tj again- who was still in the same meeting from the first text! What a way to get major life news! 
I told Anna and Wy who were so excited they jumped up and down. They have been waiting of a brother "for like almost their whole lives". A few minutes after my agency call the county called and asked if they could bring him over within the hour. 
 He came in an infant carseat soundly sleeping while we did the paperwork. The worker seems very invested in his case and to genuinely care about him. That is not often the case! There are a few hurdles and a possibility of reunification with a family member. It will be a long hard journey to get to a point where we know what "Baby D's" future is and if we are a part of it. 
For now, the last 6 hours have been amazing. He is sweet and funny- he babbles and walks. He loves to dance and has been super friendly with all of the 20 people we have introduced him to so far! He can throw a ball (or a Lego or bottle;) and he loves to giggle. He is very smart and loves Anna and Wy-almost as much as they love him! 
I am trying to keep my heart guarded. I know we are not in control. I also know that we will love him and treat him like our own and make sure he knows he is loved. I am pretty sure it is impossible not to get attached to a beautiful little face who points to you and calls you "mama"... 
So that was our day today! I snuggled him for about a half hour and laid him in his bed. Knock on wood he is quiet. So I have three babies asleep- 
Every night when I kiss the kids again after they fall asleep I walk down the hall and say in a whisper  -
Good night Emma
Good night Connor
Good night  Anna 
Good night Wy 
And goodnight little boy I don't  know - 

Tonight I stopped myself and I looked in at this sweet boy sleeping - 
Goodnight little boy I do know 
Good night Baby D. 

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