Sunday, January 26, 2014

Welcome Home...

I will not begin to even pretend I know what military families go through.  I have been able to see one of my dearest friends move from place to place and spend countless months away from her husband. A few years ago I wrote this for her as she prepared for his return from one of his 7 deployments.  As he prepares to come home again from a shorter trip to Afghanistan I thought I would share it on my blog.  Thank you to all military families and to our Veteran's and Active Duty service people....

Anxiousness leads to excitement
Happy streams of tears
Two feet on American soil
Relinquish all her fears
Dedicated solely
to her family and her man
Dedicated to his Country
she tries to understand
So much time has passed
now the moment is here
He gets to hug his wife
to hold his child near
Getting to know his daughter
who has changed and grown
He gets to tuck her into bed
like he dreamed while he was gone
He can lay by his Wife
just to watch her sleep
She gets to feel safe
she gets to feel complete
He missed all of these things
but he is here for all to come
A family is now together
Thank You and Welcome Home!

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