Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thank you Martin Luther King jr.

Tonight Anna told me about Martin Luther King jr. She told me about his life- she knew when his birthday was and that he had a wife and 4 kids. She also said how important he was to her. She told me if it wasn't for him standing up we could not have Wyatt. She learned about how he wasn't allowed to be friends with his white friend and how they were treated differently because of the color of their skin. 

This is the first time she has ever come home with such a wealth of information that she was so passionate about. She told me how lucky we are to live how we do. She knew about Rosa Parks too. I am so happy she has a teacher who has taught them this important part of our history. I am so proud that she is smart enough to remember everything she learned and wise enough know why it is important.  Her eyes have been opened and she has found her new hero. Tomorrow we are heading to the library to learn more about him. Such a proud mom here- who has had quite the lesson from my 7 year old's mind and heart....once again 

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  1. What a beautiful story...and Anna is so wise and insightful to make the connection to her brother!