Monday, January 27, 2014

Why I Blog...

I have gotten "in trouble" for sharing too much.

I have offended a few people and made a few angry. 

But, mostly having this blog has been such a positive part of my life. 

It has given me the opportunity to share my story - 

when I wasn't able to sit and talk about it,

when I didn't have the strength to say it,

when I wasn't brave enough to hear it. 

It has allowed me to tell my family how I was feeling- 
without speaking a word. 

It has given me a gift of sharing my babies, 
all 4 of them.

It has provided me with an outlet for my emotions.

I know that those who have known me through all of these life events know our story.

But it is such a gift to have the new people in my life know it as well. 

There are reasons for why I am who I am today.
Most of those reasons are written about in this blog. 

I hope if anything sharing my life can let people know as much as I am willing to "talk" I am also willing to listen. 

We each have our own path paved with problems and fears.

I am happy that being open has led my friends to be able to be open with me in return.

I firmly believe that God places each person we cross paths with there for a reason.

They may change us or we may change them. 

Either way we were meant to be a part of each others lives. 

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