Sunday, March 10, 2013

"D Day"

Well it is here
Somehow it has been 5 years
Somehow life
 has moved forward
We have moved forward
We have healed
we continue to heal
As much as memories fade
days like today
will never change
ears ringing with sounds
of voices on the phone
as much as it really doesn't
hurt everyday now
I miss what could have been
the same old
what should of been
5 years ago today
I was told I would not
have two daughters
grow up together
play dolls together
argue over clothes together
5 years ago
my heart
felt like it had been ripped
from my chest
today I feel better
I can feel sad
without feeling broken
I can miss my baby girl
without missing out
on my life
I know I have healed
I am proud of who I am
Because I am proud
of who she has made me 

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