Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Birthday party"

Since the rain finally stopped we made a trip to the cemetery to visit Emma and Connor. We took Emma balloons and sang happy birthday.
Anna decided today would have been her party day anyway since it's the weekend. We decided that this year her party in Heaven will have Lucky the clown, since he went to be with God too.
As we drove away Wy had his usual 20 questions. His first was how they died. I explained they were very sick and couldn't live on the Earth. He agreed saying that they did not have a brain and you need a brain to live. That they could live in my body because my brain kept them alive. (He has asked this before;) He then asked what if their soul came down from Heaven and their body came up from the ground -and they came together and they were fine and Alive. I told him that would be amazing, but it isn't possible. He then said- yes it is, that happened to Jesus. He got me there! What could I say? I told him he was right and that would be super cool. He then asked a few more questions and Anna decided where we could all sit in the van if they were here. We talked about having 5 kids and how neat that would be. Wy asked what if we had 19 kids and counting. I said I would love that, but daddy would not. Anna said they could call us 19 kids and no husband. Smart girl:)  So thankful to have this time with my kids. To have their knowledge of Heaven and  the importance of life. To hear that Wy does listen when we talk and tell him about Jesus. Such a blessing to have my kids have a relationship with Heaven, God and their siblings who are not here. Makes me a proud mommy of 5 precious kids.  

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