Friday, March 27, 2015

Brown eyes blue eyes

Brown eyes
Beautiful, deep and loving
Caramel skin 
Smooth and soft
Dark brown hair
Curly and coarse
Every little thing
Is perfect 
Each freckle
Each eyelash
Each crooked Little tooth
The gap 
In his smile 
The bass 
Of his voice 
All parts of 
who he is 
All parts of 
Where he came from
All parts of 
Who he came from
When he asks 
Who he looks like
Whose eyes he has
Why his eyes
Aren't blue 
My heart breaks
The answers are not easy
As his mom 
I am always learning
Always looking 
for answers
for reasons
Making sure
To be honest
To protect him
Perfectly made 
Amazing boy
With brown eyes 
And caramel skin 
And a heart of gold 

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