Friday, March 20, 2015

Baby wait...

Twenty pounds up from a year ago. 

Nearly 8 weeks postpartum.

Ten years ago I would have been stressing. 

Worrying about losing the weight. Trying on every pair of jeans and feeling defeated as they failed to button. 

Not this time.

Not today. 

This time I am happy in my "big jeans". 

Proud of each stretch mark. 

The last time I carried the extra baby weight I did not have a baby to carry. 

I had the body of a woman postpartum. 
Without the joy of the baby.

I I lost my baby weight 
As I dealt with the loss of my baby. 

Today I am blessed. 

I can sit here with twenty of the forty pounds I gladly gained. 

I can sit here with ten perfect pounds in my arms. 

It is hard this day in age, with everyone body conscious, to focus on the miracle before you as you struggle with the new body pregnancy has left you. 

For me I have spent so long waiting for my healthy baby that it more than makes up for the baby weight. 

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