Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All we need to know for now...

Four weeks ago today we welcomed an amazing little man into our family.
He has been happy and smiley since he was carried through the door.
Baby D has become such an important part of our lives.
He has helped Anna and Wy to be big kids and a little more independent. He has helped me reevaluate my time  and remember what it is like with a baby in the house.
He has given out so many hugs and snuggles in the past 4 weeks and has made everyone he comes into contact with smile.
He has an ability to make people melt with his long eyelashes and mouth full of teeth.
He has an infectious little personality and some awesome dance moves.
He came into our family and somehow just made a pretty amazing life even better.
We do not know where his case will go. More than likely in mid May he will go to live with an Aunt. As much as we would love for him to be a part of our family we understand that we are not in control.
We  have faith that God is watching out for him. So at least for the next 10 weeks he will be a little spoiled by his siblings and  a lot spoiled by his mama.
He will play airplane and football with his Dada. He will be read Good night moon before bed and he will be snuggled and rocked when he wakes at night. He will eat well and play all day.
He will be loved unconditionally and treated like gold. He will be a part of a family and a community that loves him.  
Because none of us know how long we have together on this Earth- but that does not make us love any less.
Baby D will feel that love - and that is all we need to know for now. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I talked to my mom this morning and hate to hear her voice so sad. Last night their screened in patio caved in from the weight of the snow and rain. No one was hurt, but everything is destroyed.
Their furniture, pictures, lamps, rugs, toys, grill and so much more.
As I spoke with mom she kept trying to tell me (and herself) that it is just "stuff", but the truth is it is so much more.
That patio is the most used room of their home.
It is a part of our family.
Every baby has toddled through it, including Mikey.
Every birthday party has been held in it.
Every Easter egg hunt has started from it.
A prom dinner for 20 and their dates
Or a place to sit and relax.
It may physically hold just "stuff", but it holds so many memories.
Not only have we grown up in this room- 
But those we have loved and lost were here as well. 
We have watched our children grow up in this room.
And there is no place they would rather be.
t makes me want to cry to think about losing it, so I can't imagine how mom and dad feel.
In life there are few places that can bring you such joy- the patio at mom's house brings that for all of us.
We have celebrated on this patio and cried on this patio.
We have probably spent more collective hours here than anywhere else.
Dad would sit in the summer rain and watch baseball with the tv so loud to be heard over the rain on the roof.
Mom sat in here for hours after her surgeries as we swam.
This is where we grew up-
This is where our friends grew up. 
So when mom wonders why she is so upset over "stuff" I tried to remind her that it is so much more than "stuff" - it is their life. 
Their memories. 
Their home. 
Sending so many hugs and prayers for a fast fix and rebuild so they can get back their favorite spot. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Peanut...

Today our little Peanut is 8 years old.
 She is so excited to be 8. Such a big deal it is:) 
Each year I like to try and write a little something about her, to remind myself as she grows how much she has changed. 
This year she has not only grown as a wonderful little human being but she has finally grown in size. 
She is so smart and wise beyond her years.
She is an amazing sister and has better patience with her brothers than I could ever even ask of her.
She is a kind person who genuinely cares about other people.
She is compassionate and giving and she is very funny (especially if you ask her).
She is proud of her family.
She is proud to have her brothers and of how we have become a family.
She has a special gift for helping everyone feel welcome and loved.
She is an amazing friend, cousin and daughter.
She loves to listen to music, to sing, to dance and to draw.
She is blessed with her fathers artistic talent, but unfortunately carries a tune like her mother.
As I think back and remember how much she has grown and changed over the years, I  know one thing is for sure.
She came into this world a happy, smiley, sweet little girl and she has remained that little ray of hope in our lives.
I have no doubts that this little one will change the world someday. 
The best Valentine's gift we could ever be given- this little one who made all of my dreams come true and made me a mom.
Happy 8th birthday Peanut Pie!