Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In Memory of Austin Lee

Very good friends of ours lost their son tragically on Saturday night. As we prepare to say goodbye to him tomorrow I have been reflecting over his life and how he has impacted my husband, myself and our daughter. He was 6 months younger than Anna and we have always referred to him as her "boyfriend" hoping someday they would be married and we would all be family. Little did we realize that he would bring us even closer in his short life than we could have ever been made through marriage. I am not sure words could ever express how I feel for his family and their loss. This is the best I could do for now....

This Child made an ordinary man and woman

into extraordinary parents

This child made parents into Grandparents

and sisters into Aunts

This child had the gift of laughter

a smile of mischief and a heart of gold

This child knew no stranger

because he made everyone a friend

This child loved life

and spent everyday happy

This child was an old soul

and a farmer in Papaw Rope's garden

This child wore Green

because his mom let him choose

This child made the world to all around him

a better, happier place

This child has left those who love him broken

This child soars above us now

This Child will live on in our hearts forever


  1. I am so very sorry for their loss. I can see what good friends the 2 of them have been..praying for Austin's family as well as yours! xo

  2. I'm so sorry for your friends. :(