Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Brown Eyes

I wrote this tonight about our son, Wyatt. He couldn't fall asleep and as I rocked him it kind of flooded my mind.

Big Brown Eyes

I can't help but to think
when I look into your
big brown eyes
of the woman who carried you
the one who gave birth to you
who held you in her arms
who loved you with her whole heart
but made so many wrong choices
I am sure she thinks of you
longs for you
prays for you
I think of her often
as I rock you when you can't sleep
when I yell your first and middle name
about a thousand times a day
fearing you will hurt yourself
if going through with all of your ideas
when I run my fingers through your hair
and see the perfect smile across your face
see I know you are mine
I know you were always meant to be with me
but still somewhere in my heart
I hold a special place for this woman
this woman who was dealt a different life
who has gone on a different path
I may not agree with much of what she has done
but at the end of the day
she made you
so how could I think anything less
of this woman who gave you life

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