Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For Austin's Mom....

It has been one month since Austin passed away. I wrote this for his Mom.

So many things she longs for

the sound of his voice

the stomp of his feet

running down the hall

his giggle

his cry

the back and forth of bedtime

the smell of his morning yawn

him waking her each day

she waits for him

maybe he will come

maybe if she checks his room

just one more time

he will be there

this time

playing with his toys

laying with his doopy

watching his movies

so quietly that she just had to make sure

he was still there

no matter how many times

she checks his room

looks out the window

when a car door shuts

he still isn't there

it has been 1 month today

the longest month of this woman's life

she has made it here

without him

she sits and wonders

where this time went

how each hour has melted

into one big nightmare

waiting to wake up

praying this time

he will be there

while knowing in her heart

that he is gone

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