Saturday, September 19, 2015

Who Dey Nation

Last week we found out Anna would have the opportunity to be a part of the Cincinnati Bengals practice. She was chosen as part of the Cincinnati Children's Champions program. This experience is only given to 4 children a year.
Not only was Anna able to attend, but she got to bring mom,dad, Sam, Wy, Grandma and Papa. 
We were able to sit on the field and watch practice and Coach Lewis came to introduce himself and talk to us.
At the end of practice Wy and Anna were taken into the middle of the huddle by coach and Anna counted them down to a "break"!
After she was given a football and they all signed it! We were able to talk to the players and Daddy gave AJ Hawk a good ole "OH" and AJ replied with an "IO". Wy  told him that he wasn't as big as his Frank. I then explained that we told Wy the bengals would be even bigger than his favorite football player/cousin- Frank. Wy was apparently not impressed by their size. He was impressed with all of the fist bumps and handshakes he got.
We were all amazed at how friendly the entire team was and how awesome they were to our kids. 
T.J. Said one of his favorite parts was seeing Andy Dalton look over and smile at our kids during practice.
They were all happy to take time to make Anna and all of us feel so special. A once in a lifetime experience is putting it lightly! Anna sat and watched the practice and Wy ran on the sidelines. As always their personalities complimented each other and they helped to find a comfort level within one another. 
Anna was nervous and didn't want to wear the camera, so Wy wore a go pro and recorded the whole thing! He really stepped up and we are so happy he did! We are also happy the go pro survived Wy! 
Anna's story and our experience will air on the big screen at the game on October 4. We were also given 4 tickets for our family for the game with field passes!
The kids loved being on the field and Dad and papa loved it even more! 
I can't say enough about the CCHMC staff and the Bengals' staff that spent the day with us. They were amazing and made the experience that much better. 
We have always been Bengals fans, but this definitely took it to another level!
Looking forward to the game and so thankful for the opportunities we have been given. 

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