Saturday, September 5, 2015

Just mama

Some nights it seems 
You need me more than others 
When you wake and cry out
Needing more than just a binky
Needing the touch 
The snuggle of mama
If only every bad thing 
That ever comes your way
Could be eased with a touch
Soothed with you simply in my arms
Some nights it is once 
Some nights it is ten times
I feel blessed 
Each time I hear you 
I am thankful
Each time I run in to check on you
As I hold you
As I feel the weight of your tired body 
I know what a gift you are
I realize that these moments
will not last forever 
I am grateful for this time 
When mama is all you need 
You have time to grow 
Someday you will need so much more 
But, for now I am so happy
To be the one thing you want
The one thing you need  
Just mama 

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