Friday, December 12, 2014

469,440 minutes

This morning Meech had his first community visit. 4 hours long in what will be his new home. From what I heard it went well. His GAL was at the visit and said he was playing with his cousins as his Aunt cooked breakfast. He came home exhausted, but has been fine all night. I want things to go well for him. He will end up there inevitably so we want him to be happy there. 
I wish there was something I could do to make this woman like me. 
But, she never will.
 To her we are the enemy.
We are foster care that took him away from her. 
We are the problem. 
We are the pain. 
If only I could sit and tell her how far from the truth that is. 
We have loved him.
We will miss him.
We have helped him form healthy attachments.
We have helped him learn to trust.
We have taught him manners and helped him learn to love. 
What we have not done is try to turn him into something or someone that he isn't. 
We have kept pictures of his mother in his room. 
Respected his family and his background.
As with all of the other things we don't have control over when it comes to foster care we cannot control how someone perceives us. 
I cannot make this woman like me. 
I cannot make her send us updates. 
I cannot create a relationship that is not there. 
In the end we know what we have given him. We know that the past 11 months will make a difference in the person he becomes. We will pray for his happiness and his safety. 
This is really all we get.
 One more week of smiles and giggles. One more week of every two hour wakings and watching the same show over and over. 
One more week of Coughing vomit fits and silly smiles.
 One more week of hearing his sweet voice call us Mommy and Daddy. 
One more week of him greeting his nanny and Wy with hugs and wrestles. 
One more week of everything we have come to know as our normal life for the last 11 months. 

326 days  
7,824 hours
469,440 minutes

This will be painful for not only our immediate family, but extended family and friends. Praying the kids, especially Wy, can see the good in him finding his way back to his family. Praying they feel comfort in their pain and have a positive memory of this part of our lives.

One more week until court. This time next week he could be gone from our home and our lives. 
Continued prayers for Meech, his family, our family and all who love him. 

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