Monday, December 29, 2014


We had a team meeting for Meechie today. His worker came over and the workers from our agency. I will admit I didn't sleep because I didn't know how this would go. 
It went surprisingly well. His caseworker was nice- actually told us she appreciated how we have cared for him. That she has never had a case this difficult in 18 years, but has also never had a family care so much about a child in foster care. Hearing these words from her lips meant a lot. She is not the type to pay a compliment, so it was not expected. 
As Meechie played around us we spoke and I realized for the first time in a year we have the same goal. It is time for him to go home to Nana. He needs to get on with his life and so do we. As much as we will miss him we know that is where he belongs. We have let ourselves grieve and we are ready. We have watched him stay happy and well adjusted through visits and heard him talk about nana. 
I wrote nana a letter and the caseworker read it to her. She has now decided to accept his belongings and may be open to some communication in transition. These things will make this much easier for our kids and for Tj and I. 

It may not last long, but for now I have a good feeling about where this is headed. Court is a week from today. Hoping next Monday night he can start his new forever. 

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