Saturday, November 23, 2013


Adoption is about hope
hope in the future

hope in each other

hope for Forever

Adoption is about patience
patience in the process
patience in the system
patience in the child
patience in the parents

Adoption is about learning

learning to let go
learning to let God
learning to have faith in others

learning to have trust

learning that you are not in control
Adoption is about trust
trusting one another
trusting in God
trusting in His plan 
trusting in yourself
Adoption is about change
changes in your family
changes in your life
changes in your children
changes in your relationships
changes in yourself
Adoption is about Love
love of a child
love of God
love of Family
Adoption is about Faith
faith in people
faith in this world
Faith in God
Faith that it will all work out
Faith that if it doesn't, you will find answers
Adoption is a gift

Adoption creates families

Adoption creates siblings
Adoption is life changing

 Adoption is


Adoption from Foster Care brings new life to those already living
both families and children.  
On National Adoption Day we stop and say Thank You as Adoption continues to help create our family.

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