Sunday, April 7, 2013

Super Wyatt is 5

Our Super Wy is 5 years old! How can it be? This little one who came into our lives 3 1/2 years ago and changed us forever is a little boy - no longer a baby.   He is funny, quick witted like his daddy and tends to overdue the same joke like him as well! He is smart when he wants to be and is trying hard to write his name - he has his song down and knows how to spell it - we are working on the letters for kindergarten next year.  He loves to sing and knows the words to all of his favorite songs, but if he catches you watching him he immediately stops! He still loves apple juice and would drink it all day long - he loves skyline and mcdonald's french fries and ice cream "white - the nilla with no sprinkles".  Scooby is still his favorite and he loves all dogs.  It is neat to see how far Scoob has come and he really loves Wy - when he isn't trying to pick his nose of course!  He can ride his bike with training wheels and he is starting football this fall.  He is a big boy with feet 3 sizes bigger than Anna's, but he still loves to snuggle and have a "sleepover" every night so he can be close to Anna.  Thankfully she is awesome to oblige on most every occasion - the nights she needs some "alone time" he heads into Mom and Dad's room with his sleeping bag.   

He is almost done with Preschool and has really come into his own as a friend and student! He still has his little moments of ornery where he can't stand but to bother the other kids - but his redeeming smile and energy usually always get him back in their good graces!

Wyatt loves to look at his life book now and point out his "belly mommy" telling me that she carried him in the belly and I carried him in my heart.  He doesn't seem to know or care about the year he spent without us - maybe he will never ask- maybe he will.  The pictures are a wonderful way for me to be able to put "his story" together for him.  It is one of his favorite things to listen to.  On his birthday it is so nice to tell him about when he was born - because I can! He always refers to himself from when "my was a baby". 

I am so excited to see what Wy does this year - it is a big one! Starting Kindergarten, football and hopefully at some point becoming a big brother.  We have a lot of big things ahead of us and I have no doubt that he will find his niche in every part of his life.  He is an amazing, resilient, funny, sweet, crazy, loving boy and I am so proud to be his Mom.  Happy Birthday - a few days late - to our Wyatt!

 Look how much he has grown up in the past year! New glasses, a grown up boy face and he no longer likes his "Corly hair" long, because it makes him "schweaty and itchy"!

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