Friday, November 14, 2014

5 more weeks

This morning Baby D had his third visit with his aunt. As far as I can tell it went well. He comes home happy and says "bye nana- see you later" as he leaves. She seems very loving. I can understand that she may be guarded with me, but she is always friendly. 
Today they told us she was approved for community visits. So starting next week instead of two hours in a cubicle and toy room they will have 4 hours at the museum center. A facilitator will be with them at the museum. 4 hours from naptime to dinner with a 2 year old at the museum- better than a cubicle! 
As much as I prepare myself and my family for this transition each time one of these steps happen it is a little jab to my heart. I am slowly letting him go. Trying to detach myself as much as I can. Our family is doing the same. I made his life book to take with him and I am glad we have so many pictures and memories. I only hope his family can share it with him someday. 
As we work through these emotions and the coming weeks I keep reminding myself that he has a family that wants and loves him- even though we know he has 2 families that want and love him. 
When I talked to Anna about her feelings she sounded so much wiser than I have been. I asked her if she was upset about him leaving and she said no. She will be sad that he won't be here, but so happy for him that he will be with his family. That everyone should be with their family. 
Praying we can all feel that way and believe this was God's plan as we move forward. We still have 5 weeks until court and anything can happen. So prayers for both families and Baby D continue. 

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