Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I have spent so many hours
thinking of who you are
where you will come from?
when will I find you?
I have scrolled for hours
staring into the eyes
of little faces
wondering if one of them
is meant to be with us 
if one of them is you
I have spent countless hours
praying to God
asking for a sign
wanting some sort of answer
as to where we are headed.
Each time
    things don't turn out
each time
    the answer is no
I try to keep the faith
knowing that it is all in
         His time
that you are the one
meant to be with us
that you are the one
who will be with us.
Waiting what seems
like an eternity
to bring a little one home
to spend this life with our family.
Thinking last year
would have brought you home by Christmas
now I wonder if even a year later it will happen.
God and his mysterious ways
are wearing my patience thin.   
needing to know
that the wait
is more than worth it
that something will happen
that you are out there
waiting for us too.

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