Friday, December 20, 2013

Little gifts....

In the grief community we have our inner circles. 
Those we can speak our fears with and listen to without question.  
Those who understand the fear and the new form of
love that it creates.
Those who have lived a very specific part of life. 
Having had two babies with fatal birth defects the majority of the friends I have made are called - BLMs- baby loss moms.  
This group of women have shown me support,
listened when I needed it
been angry with me
and smiled with me. 
 We have seen each other through loss- through carrying to term- through Rainbows and adoption and all life brings us. 
 There are a few moms out there who have made gifts and pictures and sent them without question or payment.  Because they know how much it means to have something for our babies- especially this time of year.  
I am so excited to have been given this gift today.  By someone who is a "stranger" in my daily life, but a great friend in loss.  
Thank you so much to Amy Jo for taking the time to remember Emma and Connor and to create these beautiful gifts for our family. 

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