Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eight years....

 Eight years ago today I married a wonderful man.

If you had told me that day the path that would bring us to today I am sure I would have not believed you. 

   I married my best friend.


I married a man who can make me laugh.
  I married a man with such a strong work ethic and pride in what he does.
 I married a man who brings me coffee and flowers.
 I married a man who only hears about 1/3 of what I say!
     I married a man who holds me when I cry
   I married an incredible father.

   I married a man who loved me then.  I married a man who I am pretty sure loves me even more now. 

 If you had told me 8 years ago half of the story of our lives that has unfolded I am sure I would have been awe struck. 
I know when we started out we didn't know what life held for us, we just knew we wanted to be together. 

 God has blessed us with many things. 

So much has changed...so much for the better. ..here is to the next 60 years...

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